We leave behind Gujarat and enter Maharashtra State after more than 6 weeks. The entry point is a village called Zai with a beach and is followed by a small town with the name Bordi. One thing strikes you at Bordi. This is a place where Chikoo ( Sapata) is grown in large quantities. Processing of the fruit also appears to have started. Various products are available.





Here on the border I see my brother after a long time. I did not see him in entire state of Gujarat. Only an angler knows the pleasure of angling, irrespective of the equipment used. I dropped out of angling for this tour (actually removed my equipment from the packing) as this activity is very time-consuming and when I saw this, I cursed myself.


Angling is for the men. The boys can have their own methods of fishing.


The other thing about Bordi is that it has a number of educational institutions. Schools, colleges, vocational training institutes, all located by the seaside.

At Bordi we take a detour in the interior. The green here is greener than anywhere else. Verdant is the right word. This is a tribal dominated area growing rice. The quest for firewood and the women’s efforts in that field are all too visible.




Bordi has a Parsi Fire Temple.


And a monument commemorating India’s Independence day as well the Republic Day.


Gholvad is not far from Bordi. These small villages always mesh into each other. For the locals Bordi-Gholvad does not make much difference. The coastal roads are quite narrow but not dangerous if you drive carefully.

Across the Bordi beach we can see a temple on beach. The deity is called Matsya Devi or something similar. We go to the village to know more about it.


A long time ago a huge fish was found on this beach, dead. people in the village became sick and started dying, presumably due to the putrefaction caused by the large whale (presumably). I am told the big fish’s bones are buried under the temple. To prevent more people vanishing, someone vowed to build a temple. None can say exactly when.

The road ahead is very close to the sea and takes us to Chikhali and then to Narpad. Our intention was to end the day at Dahanu but we find a place to stay at Narpad beach about 6 Kms. from Dahanu town. Nothing in the village except the beach with nice sunset view.


We start the next day with Dahanu. This is Taluka headquarters and has a town square, a railway station and a fort.

The main square is called Bal Gangadhar Tilak Chowk and has this sculpture.


The fort is dilapidated. Nothing to write home about. A smallish fort on the creek currently houses some government offices. It was built during the Delhi Sultanate rule over Gujarat and adjoining  Maharashtra.  The way it is maintained, it will not last long.

Dahanu has a rudimentary Lighthouse.


There is a sister-town called Chhoti or Lahan Dahanu across the creek. Looks like a fishing village.


The separating bridge is used by  vehicles and fishermen for drying fish.


The industrial face of Dahanu is the Reliance Thermal Power plant. as seen from the bridge.


Near Bordi a tree converted into God.


28th/29th Sept 2016.

Posted on 5th September 2016


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