We start in the morning from Gandhidham. This is an industrial town which owes much to the Sindhi refugees who settled here after the partition of India. Apart from the large number of industries and Kandla port nearby, nothing much to write about.


We drive through the Little Runn of Kutch and Asiatic Wild Ass Sanctuary. With this we are out of the Kutch region. At a place called Malia, one enters the Morbi district of SAURASHTRA, also known as KATHIAWAD.



The Mudskipper is a fish found in abundance in the marshes. It was amazing to see them coming on to the surface and then instantly disappear in the mud, the moment they sense a bird flying overhead, looking for food.



Birds of various species make their presence felt along the creek.


So do the modes of transport.


Our first spot at Morbi is Navlakhi port. A small port currently involved in importing bulk coal for power plants. We know there is a Lighthouse inside the port but the permission to enter is denied. The port authority person allows us to communicate with his boss and permission is given to enter the port area with a condition that we will not use our cameras. We comply.

The Chief Photographer of this expedition is restless and tries to photograph the Divadandi from outside which is not prohibited. The results are not bad considering the distance and the time of the day.

navlakhi lighthouse

The road from Morbi town and Navlakhi port has a beautiful straight road and a parallel railway line. One can see extensive Mangrove area and beautiful flamingos. The railways as well as the port are pre-independence creations of erstwhile rulers of Morbi.



The Salt pans and the small hills of salt cant be missed.


Photography demands fitness and involves acrobatics


Suryakiran & Veena Naik


2 thoughts on “Gandhidham-Navlakhi

  1. Dear Suryakiran and Sow Veena Vahini, I am really proud of you. I find a middle class wife supporting husband in such adventures may be an exception. This innovative thinking of yours will give so many senior citizens who sit idle and suffer when they find themselves neglected by children and grandchildren, a new dimension of thought. Dear Naiku why do I love you is this quality of yours that make you a distinct personality. I will surely join at Surat or Daman in Gujrat. We might meet again during this journey at Murud beach near Harne. I will follow you almost daily during your entire journey as if I am traveling with you. All the best dear.


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