Day One. (Part 2.)

Apart from the Gurudwara , various temples and mosques, the Fort has two Dargahs of Sufi saints.

The one of Ghous Mohammed is majestic and has beautiful carvings in stone.


and with the dargah of Pir Kamalshah form the Sufi heritage of the place. Mr. Usman Notiyar who resides in the fort is  a guide and is well- versed with the history of the Fort. Everyone knows him and he can be easily reached.



Here the expedition starts. The vehicle and the driver are ready, the national flag is flying, people are having their tea in the right-hand corner.

take off

The National Bird is present in large numbers inside as well as outside Fort Lakhpat, that’s how they write it in Gujarati- Kot Lakhpat.



At a short few kilometers there is this distraction on the roadside. Two Mongooses. Veena says they were fighting. I have my reservations. I think they were up to something more serious. Please see the pictures and let us know.



We look forward to your comments.


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