The Start

Great people have explored land from the sea, idiots. We are exploring the seas from the land. Starting from 15th August 2016 we start driving along the coast of India and exploring Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.


  1. How does one get to eat all kind of seafood? Fish, shellfish, seagrass, all kinds of weird marine creatures which are not frozen, F R E S H ?
  2. How does one see different kind of sea beaches with different kind of sands, colours of sunsets, collect different species of shells? See and photograph wide variety of Birds- local and migratory visiting the seashores?
  3. How does one see the different fishing methods and fish varieties and piscine cuisine without paying a fortune?
  4.      How does one see the architecture of forts, temples, mosques, churches and other monuments along the coast?
  5. How does one see the mysterious Lighthouses which can exist only on the seashore and nowhere else?
  6. (please add) or send me an e-mail

Obviously, one can’t do all the above from the comfort of an armchair. One needs to travel along the coast. There appear to be no railway train service or Airlines service meeting our requirements. The options left are Walking or Cycling (ruled out by our age) or Driving. This is precisely what we are doing. Covering the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal abutting India over the next 18 months subject to our survival. Bad health and Bankruptcy are other possible causes of discontinuation.

We will be writing periodically about what we see and post photographs of what we see. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Our friends are welcome to join us for limited duration trips or Holidays, if not for the whole journey. We will be keeping you informed of our whereabouts and the calendar for the next week.





One thought on “The Start

  1. All the best my dear Suryakiran and Sow. Veena Vahini. Great job undertaken by you as a couple is like adventures many seen on discover or animal planet channels. I think very few Indians undertake such adventures in life. We stay stuck to our kids-grand children and perish one day. Many a times encounter frustration when grand children grow and never bother about us. The journey undertaken by you is nothing but a new direction [motivation] to retirees who prefer to stay at home and invite troubles due to immobility. You Kiran, has an aptitude to think in different direction and to adapt a path to many oldies to look at life with innovative vision.
    I wish you, all the best and would surely join you at Daman or near Surat in October/November. I might rejoin you at Dapoli in 2017.


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