You can cross over to Marve beach from Manori Koliwada. The creek is very small, hardly 100 meters. The crossing by ferry is for human beings and motorcycles only, no cars are allowed.



THEBLUEDRIVE has to get back to the ‘mainland’, enter Greater Mumbai municipal area and get back to the coast from Malad via Mira-Bhayandar. Thank you.


The places to be visited here are the Marve beach, a small stretch of sandy beach with a fishing harbor on the opposite side of the creek, overlooking the Esselworld park.



HAMLA is a place totally under Indian Navy. Indian Air Force is also present in the area. Consequently, most of the seaside places are out of bound for civilians. I am sure they would chase us away after a single look at the cameras.

The other places on the seaside are Aksa which has a fort. It is with the Navy. One can see the outer portion on the seaside which is possible as there is an access road to a temple. Did not find any information about the fort. This is less than 40 Kms. from Mumbai.


One can see the new buildings which are coming up at Versova from here and also the vignettes of the Mumbai suburbs further afield. Drying of fish continues in the corner.


We move on and find a small Lighthouse on the left. It is difficult to know if this is operational or not.


The beach here is Madh.


Madh is always referred to as Madh Island. It used to be once upon a time. On account of the silting these islands have become part of the mainland. The main commercial activity here appears to be hiring of seaside space for ‘shooting’. Making of movies, ad films and increasingly ‘pre-weddings’.

The road along has this tree with interesting shape.


There is also a church in the way.

There is declaration here on the truck: Only the drunkards will get daughters in marriage.


The places beyond this really fall into the great urban landscape of Mumbai. Versova is neither here nor there. It has always existed on the periphery of Mumbai city and it’s film industry.


Juhu I believe has always been a part of metropolitan Mumbai. We did not spend much time on these places about which much has been written and filmed.


When you cross this new bridge from Bandra, you are into Mumbai-Proper.